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Psychological, nutritional and physical status of olympic road cyclists.
  1. A Johnson,
  2. P Collins,
  3. I Higgins,
  4. D Harrington,
  5. J Connolly,
  6. C Dolphin,
  7. M McCreery,
  8. L Brady,
  9. M O'Brien


    Six members of the Irish Olympic Road Cycling Squad underwent a comprehensive medical, nutritional, psychological and biochemical assessment in January 1983. They were given specific medical and dietary recommendations and were reassessed in January 1984 after a period spanning the competitive racing season. The cyclists' diets at both sessions were comparable and generally conformed with recommended daily intakes. Supplementary ingestion was unnecessary to attain recommended daily intakes of vitamins. Serum levels of HDL-cholesterol increased and triglyceride decreased during the period of the study. The squad had characteristics indicating traits of self-sufficiency, toughness and practical mindedness. At the second assessment there was evidence of heightened ambition and competitiveness and an improvement in mood states with reduced ratings for confusion and tension.

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