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Diet in Training and Competitions
  1. John Ebbetts


    The principles underlying the formulation of a diet for young professionals undergoing training for, and taking part in, Competition Golf are dealt with. The composition of the diet and its supplementation are outlined. The literature on the subject is reviewed, and the absence of any really helpful work among so much which is contradictory is pointed out.

    The reception of the diet over a three year period and its possible contribution to enhanced performance are discussed. The necessary components of such a diet are deduced in the light of experimental evidence and this experience. The importance of making the diet appetising and yet varying the calorie content to suit the underweight and the overweight individuals is stressed.

    The advisability of two diets is indicated; one providing long term nourishment to support heavy training, and the other for use on competition days, when physical requirements demand rapid production of glucose and psychic inhibition prevents complicated digestion, absorption and oxidation.

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