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High-carbohydrate diet for long distance runners--a practical view-point.
  1. M Fogelholm,
  2. H Tikkanen,
  3. H Näveri,
  4. M Härkönen
  1. Department of Nutrition, University of Helsinki, Viikki, Finland.


    The nutritional value of a high-carbohydrate diet was evaluated. Seven male marathon runners kept a food record diary for the three days preceeding two endurance races. They were instructed in how to compose a diet which contained about 9 g carbohydrate day-1 kg body weight-1. Sixty three per cent of the subjects' total energy intake was derived from carbohydrates. The dietary intake of vitamin C was six times the Recommended Daily Dietary Allowances (RDA). Intakes of thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium and iron were more than twofold, and niacin intake 1,4-fold compared to the allowances. The diet contained sufficient amounts of carbohydrate to refill and enlarge muscle glycogen stores. Moreover the nutritional value was high, and therefore this kind of a diet can be recommended to endurance athletes even on a daily basis.

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