Br J Sports Med 24:95-98 doi:10.1136/bjsm.24.2.95
  • Research Article

Effect of split exercise sessions on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

  1. L A Kaminsky,
  2. S Padjen,
  3. J LaHam-Saeger
  1. Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.


      In this study the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and related metabolic measures, following a 50 minute run compared to two 25 minute runs all at 70 per cent of peak VO2 in six women were investigated. Open-circuit spirometry procedures were used and appropriate control conditions were maintained for all trials. Following exercise, VO2 returned to baseline within 30 minutes for all three exercise trials. Magnitude of EPOC was also similar after all runs. However, the combined magnitude (expressed in kcals) of the two 25 minute runs was significantly greater than the continuous 50 minute run (13.88 vs 6.39). Heart rate remained elevated above baseline, and respiratory exchange ratio was lower than baseline 30 minutes after exercise. It is concluded that split exercise sessions can significantly increase post-exercise caloric expenditure. However, the overall magnitude of the increase is small.