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The Special Olympic Games for the mentally handicapped--United Kingdom 1989.
  1. H E Robson


    The games took place in the City of Leicester in August 1989. Over 1500 mentally handicapped competitors took part, many of whom had severe physical handicaps as well. There were 14 different classes of competition, held in seven separate venues, as well as ceremonies and recreational activities. A medical team of over 100 doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, mostly part-time volunteers, was formed to service the seven medical posts. As it may be of interest to doctors and others involved in any such games in the future, details are given of conditions recorded in pre-games medical examinations, of injuries and other medical conditions treated by the medical team, and some details of the administration and equipping of the medical services. Although the main responsibility of the medical team was to the competitors, many coaches, officials, escorts and a few spectators were also treated.

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