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Sports insurance and national governing bodies.
  1. L Jones,
  2. M McCabe
  1. Accident and Emergency Department, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, UK.


    A postal survey was conducted of the attitudes and advice of Welsh governing bodies of amateur sports and their Cardiff-based clubs towards personal sports insurance. Information on 36 of the 39 sports surveyed (92%) was sufficient for analysis. Twenty-two of these 36 sports (61%) organized insurance at a national level, one at club level (3%) and 13 (36%) provided no insurance advice. Only 12 sports (33%) insisted on mandatory insurance cover. Many sportsmen and women are left to search for an appropriate insurance cover themselves or remain uninsured. Owing the lack of advice in 36% of cases it was decided to survey Cardiff-based insurance brokers to establish what type of policy they would recommend. Only 41% of the brokers were able to offer a suitable policy. Club policies recommended by the Central Council for Physical Recreation provide individuals with the same sports cover (but at a lower premium) as is available from a personal accident policy. However, cover is somewhat inadequate and may provide a false sense of security. Sports with mandatory sports insurance are not necessarily those with the highest risk of disabling injury.

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