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A modified repair for the anterior cruciate ligament deficient knee.
  1. J P Holland
  1. Birmingham Accident Hospital, UK.


    A retrospective analysis of 48 sportsmen and women from an original series of 76 consecutive patients who had undergone a modified McIntosh repair was carried out to establish whether or not the procedure could provide a satisfactory recovery and return to previous ability. The type and level of sport before injury was compared with that after operation. Symptoms of pain and giving way, and examination findings of pivot shift, and Lachman's test were compared before and after operation. Of the 48 patients assessed, 28 (58%) returned to full sporting capacity; 17 (35%) patients were participating in different sports or lower levels of their previous sports, and three patients did not participate in any sport. The more severely symptomatic knees did not perform so well after operation. The degree of preoperative anterior draw and Lachman's test did not influence the final result and the pivot shift, present in all before operation, was abolished in all but one case, which remained badly symptomatic. Concurrent meniscal injury or medial or lateral laxity did not influence return to sport once a full postoperative recovery was made. No deterioration was noticed in the level of sporting ability achieved thereafter. In this study it has been shown that the modified McIntosh repair is a swift extra-articular reconstruction for the anterior cruciate ligament deficient knee, which is less elaborate than previously described Ellison and McIntosh procedures, and which has produced a comparable result.

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