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Trauma on the Isle of Man.
  1. R G Hackney,
  2. G Varley,
  3. D Stevens,
  4. A Green
  1. Princess Mary's Hospital, Royal Air Force Halton, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK.


    The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle races remain one of the most popular venues for motorcycle races. This is despite the reduced status of the event. The reason for the loss of world championship and formula one status is the nature of the road racing circuit itself. The twisting narrow roads are only closed to the public at certain times during the practice and race weeks. Motorcycling visitors to the event attempt to emulate their heroes on machines capable of high speeds. Casualties from both visitors and racers are dealt with efficiently by an expanded medical service. This includes the use of an aeromedical evacuation helicopter. Casualties from the visitors exceeded those from the racers themselves during the period reported.

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