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The scientific basis for the use of biomechanical foot orthoses in the treatment of lower limb sports injuries--a review of the literature.
  1. T E Kilmartin,
  2. W A Wallace
  1. Northampton School of Podiatry, UK.


    While it is documented that many overuse injuries of the lower limb can be relieved with the use of biomechanical foot orthoses, what remains unclear is how an orthosis can produce this effect. A review of the literature indicates that biomechanical orthoses will reduce rearfoot movement, but the effect on knee function is negligible and the clinical significance of excessive rearfoot movement is yet to be proven. While many athletes may potentially benefit from the use of biomechanical orthoses, further research is necessary to justify and, if indicated, promote the use of biomechanical foot arthoses by athletes suffering from overuse injuries.

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