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Sailing and swimming
  1. Matt Wyon
  1. Department of Sport Science and PE St Martin's College, Lancaster LA1 3JD, UK m.wyon{at}

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    Editor,—With regard to the excellence of the Australians in the last Olympics,1 a small riposte is required. We need to examine Darwinism to understand fully this concept. As you pointed out, the Aussies did exceptionally well in the water, but have yet to fully evolve and are still swimming. The Brits on the other hand are further along the evolutionary scale and have realised that to get from one island to another you don't need to swim, you can sail. And as for rugby (Union the proper code), I do believe the English beat them recently. The other code attempted a “world” cup recently, but each side was made up of Australians and was starting to resemble the US's version of a world series.


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