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Mechanotransduction: how exercise heals at the tissue level
  1. K Khan, Keynote lecture, Professor
  1. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Purpose This keynote presentation aims to empower clinicians to prescribe exercise confidently for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Specifically, interested attendees will (1) be able to explain the process of mechanotransduction because it is a key to enabling patients to adopt exercise as treatment, (2) embrace the term ‘mechanotherapy’ as either a useful term to share with patients and (3) confidently prescribe exercise to stimulate tissue repair.

Background Mechanotransduction is the physiologic process where cells sense and respond to mechanical loads. I argue that clinicians should reclaim the term ‘mechanotherapy‘ – the use of therapeutic tissue loading to stimulate repair and remodelling in tendon, muscle, cartilage and bone. Thus, the talk has broad relevance to various conditions. In short, mechanotransduction is the process whereby the body converts mechanical loading into cellular responses which, in turn, promote structural change. I have summarised my thoughts in the following paper.1

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