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Interventions to increase physical activity among older adults (PEDro synthesis)

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This section features a recent systematic review that is indexed on PEDro, the Physiotherapy Evidence Database ( PEDro is a free, web-based database of evidence relevant to physiotherapy.

▸ Chase JA. Interventions to increase physical activity among older adults: a meta-analysis. Gerontologist 2015;55:706–18.


Chronic illness are responsible for 84% of all healthcare expenditure and are highly prevalent among the older population.1–3 Physical activity (PA) has beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk factors, physical function, pain and depressive symptoms.4–7 There is an urgent need to understand more about how to increase PA levels in older adults.


This study aimed to investigate the effect of interventions designed to increase PA behaviour among older adults.

Searches and inclusion criteria

The databases searched were: PubMed, MEDLINE, CINAHL, SPORTDiscus, PsychInfo, Google Scholar and Dissertation Abstracts International. The search strategy included the following combination of terms: ‘exercise’, ‘physical activity’, ‘physical exertion’, ‘physical …

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