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Topical ketoprofen tds patch vs diclofenac gel: efficacy and tolerability in benign sport related soft-tissue injuries
  1. Francisco Esparza (fesparza{at}
  1. Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud y del Deporte, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain
    1. César Cobián (drcobian{at}
    1. Hospital Modelo, La Coruña, Spain
      1. José-Fernando Jiménez (docjimenez{at}
      1. Centro de Medicina General y Deporte, Toledo, Spain
        1. Juan-José García-Cota (juancota66{at}
        1. Hospital Miguel Domínguez, Pontevedra, Spain
          1. Carlos Sánchez (csanchez{at}
          1. Servicios Médicos de la Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia, Spain
            1. Antonio Maestro (amaestrof{at}
            1. Sanatorio Begoña, Gijón, Spain


              Objective: To compare ketoprofen tds patch with diclofenac gel in the treatment of traumatic acute pain in benign sport related soft-tissue injuries. Design: 7-14 treatment days, prospective, randomised, open study.

              Patients: Outpatients aged 18-70 diagnosed of painful benign sport-related soft tissue injury (sprains, strains and contusions within the prior 48 hours) randomised to either Ketoprofen patch 100 mg once daily (n=114) or Diclofenac gel 2-4 gr thrice daily (n=109).

              Intervention: 7-14 days topical NSAID treatment to assess the pain intensity changes (daily activities and spontaneous at rest) in a daily diary (100-mm Visual Analogue Scale [VAS]).

              Main Outcome Measurement: Pain intensity (VAS).

              Results: Ketoprofen patch was not inferior to diclofenac gel in reducing the baseline pain at daily activities (difference of -1.17 mm in favour of ketoprofen patch, 95%CI [-5.86; 3.52], reducing 79% the baseline VAS). Ketoprofen patch presented also a higher cured rate (64%) than diclofenac gel (46%) at day 7 (p=0.004). The patients’ opinion about the treatment comfort (pharmaceutical shape, application and dosage) was also statistically higher in Ketoprofen patch (over 80% of the patients rated as good or excellent the patch removal and skin adherence).

              Conclusion: Ketoprofen patch is an effective and safe pain reliever for the treatment of sports injury pain with advantages compared to diclofenac gel.

              • controlled clinical trial
              • non inferiority
              • pain
              • sports injury
              • topical drug

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