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A stress fracture of the lumbar spine in a professional rugby player
  1. Bernard H Castinel (bcastinel{at}
  1. Centre d'Imagerie de la Clinique des Cèdres, Château d’Alliez, France
    1. Philippe Adam (adamphhj{at}
    1. Centre d’Imagerie de la Clinique des Cèdres, Château d’Alliez, 31 700 Cornebarrieu, France
      1. Christophe Prat
      1. Equipe médicale, Stade Toulousain Rugby, 31 000 Toulouse, France


        In modern rugby, the spine is subjected to great physical pressure. Indeed there are more and more impacts involving axial loading and radial torque especially on the cervical spine but also on the lumbar spine. The players have become larger, the game faster, with more sequences and less recovery time .We can distinguish acute spinal injuries but also chronic and overuse injuries. We present here the case of a 32 year old international professional rugbyman playing in a Championship level French team, who presented a stress fracture of the right pars interarticularis of L5.

        • isthmolysis
        • pars interarticularis
        • rugby
        • stress fracture
        • unilateral

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