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Effects of acute salbutamol intake during supramaximal exercise in women
  1. Bénédicte Le Panse (lepansebenedicte{at}
  1. LAPSEP, France
    1. Alexandre Arlettaz (alexandre.arlettaz{at}
    1. LAPSEP, France
      1. Hugues Portier (hugues.portier{at}
      1. LAPSEP, France
        1. Anne-Marie Lecoq (anne-marie.lecoq{at}
        1. Unité de physiopathologie de l'Exercice, LAPSEP, France
          1. Jacques De Ceaurriz (direction{at}
          1. Département des analyses, AFLD, France
            1. Katia Collomp (katia.collomp{at}
            1. LAPSEP, Département des Analyses, AFLD, France


              Objective: To study the effects of an acute therapeutic oral intake of beta-2 agonist on performance and substrate response during supramaximal exercise in women.

              Methods: Twelve healthy moderately trained female volunteers performed a Wingate test after ingestion of placebo (Pla) and salbutamol (Sal, 4 mg) according to a double-blind randomized cross-over study. Blood samples were collected at rest, at the end of exercise and after 5 (r5) , 10 (r10), and 15 (r15) min of passive recovery for ACTH, growth hormone, insulin, blood glucose and lactate measurements.

              Results: Peak and mean power significantly increased whereas time to peak power was significantly shorter with Sal compared to Pla (p<0.05). No change was observed in the fatigue index. ACTH was not significantly modified but r15 GH significantly decreased (p<0.05) after Sal intake. Both blood INS and blood glucose were significantly increased by Sal during all the experiment (p<0.01). Blood lactate was significantly increased by Sal vs Pla (p<0.05) after 10 and 15 min of passive recovery.

              Conclusion: From these data, acute therapeutic oral intake of salbutamol appears to induce, irrespective of the subjects' gender, an improvement in performance during a supramaximal exercise, i.e., increase in peak power and mean power. Further studies are necessary to clarify whether the mechanisms involved in the response to salbutamol are linked to central and/or peripheral pathways.

              • Beta-2 agonist
              • Female
              • Performance
              • lactate.
              • oral administration

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