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Career ending injuries to professional jockeys in British horse racing 1991-2005
  1. Ganesh Balendra (ganeshbalendra{at}
  1. Univerity of Melbourne, Australia
    1. Michael Turner (mturner{at}
    1. Jockey Club (UK), United Kingdom
      1. Paul McCrory (p.mccrory{at}
      1. University of Melbourne, Australia


        Background: It has been previously shown that professional jumps and flat racing jockeys suffer a high incidence of injury as a consequence of their profession. This paper specifically examines the career ending injuries to professional jockeys in Great Britain.

        Aims: To investigate career ending injuries in professional jockeys.

        Method: Prospectively collected injury database on professional jockeys.

        Results: The majority of injuries in this study occurred to the head, shoulder or torso. Fractures are the most common type of injury which led to a career ending decision, followed by neurological injury to the head and/or spine.

        Conclusion: Injuries to the head are the most common career ending injury and consideration of injury counter measures may be an important strategy in equestrian sports.

        • Equestrian sports
        • Horse racing
        • Jockeys
        • sports injuries

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