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Energy Expenditure During a Single-Handed Transatlantic Yacht Race
  1. Stephen D Myers (s.myers{at}
  1. University Of Chichester, United Kingdom
    1. Shaun M Leamon (s.leamon{at}
    1. QinetiQ Centre for Human Sciences, Uruguay
      1. Venturino R Nevola (vrnevola{at}
      1. Dstl Human Systems Group, United Kingdom
        1. Michael GL Llewellyn (mgllewellyn{at}
        1. QinetiQ Centre for Human Sciences, United Kingdom


          Introduction: The popularity of sports which expose individuals to consecutive days of high intensity physical activity continues to increase. However, the ability to adequately nourish the human body in order to sustain the required level of competitive performance may be a key contributor to success in such events. Methods: The energy expenditure of a male competitor in a single-handed, transatlantic race (Transat 2004) was assessed using the doubly-labeled water technique. Results: Mean Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) during the race (13 days) was 14.5 MJ•day-1 with a peak expenditure of 18.6 MJ during the most physically demanding 24-hour period. Discussion: This mean TDEE was approximately 25% lower than that reported by Branth et al. (Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1996. 28:1272-6) (14.5 vs. 19.3 MJ•day-1) for a 13-day leg of a fully crewed offshore race. Those differences reported by Branth et al. were likely due to the crew operating in ‘watches’ (work-shifts), affording each crew member greater opportunity to eat, rest and sleep. Effective planning and efficient management of resources is essential to the success of the solo sailor. However, the extent to which maintenance of energy balance underpins competitive success remains to be established. In order to maintain energy balance during the race, a mean daily energy intake of 14.5 MJ•day-1 was necessary for the subject in this study. However, this mean value for energy intake would have been inadequate to match the peak energy expended during the most physically demanding 24-hours of the race.

          • enrgy expenditure
          • extreme environment
          • metabolic demand
          • sailing
          • solo offshore yacht racing

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