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Catastrophic Injuries in the Olympic styles of wrestling in Iran
  1. Ramin KORDI (ramin_kordi{at}
  1. the University of Tehran, Medical Sciences campus, Sports Medicine Research Centre, Iran, Islamic Republic of
    1. Ali Akbarnejad (akbarnejad{at}
    1. University of Tehran, Collage of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Iran, Islamic Republic of
      1. Angus W. WALLACE (angus.wallace{at}
      1. Centre for Sports Medicine, Division of Orthopedic and Accident Surgery, The University of Nottingha, United Kingdom


        Objectives: To develop a profile of direct catastrophic injuries in international styles of wrestling and to describe possible risk factors.

        Design: Survey and retrospective review

        Setting: Catastrophic injuries which occurred in wrestling clubs in Iran from July 1998 to June 2005 were identified by contacting several sources. The cases were retrospectively reviewed.

        Results: The injuries included were 29 direct injuries (fatalities: 12, non-fatal: 11, and serious: 6).The injury rate was: 1.99 direct catastrophic injuries /100,000 wrestlers/year. The majority of direct injuries occurred during training sessions, with a trend toward more injuries in the low- and middle-weight classes and those who were competing at high performance and experience levels. The takedown position, especially for the attacking wrestler who faces a counter attack, was the most common activity at the time of injury. A list of risk factors was suggested of which �performing the wrestling maneuver incorrectly�, �inappropriate management of the injury�, �lack of the coach supervision�, �mat problems� and �lack of restraining the wrestlers in a precarious position� were the most common risk factors. Conclusions: Catastrophic wrestling injuries are rare and preventable. Coaches have an essential role in the prevention of these injuries.

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