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Why glucocorticoids ought to be kept on WADA's list of banned products
  1. MONTALVAN Bernard, MB (bernard.montalvan2{at}
  1. French Tennis federation, France
    1. DUCLOS Martine MD (mduclos{at}
    1. Department of Sports Medicine and Functional Examinations, CHU Gabriel Montpied, France


      Keeping glucocorticoids (GCs) on the World Antidoping Agency's list of banned products is discussed since certain international sports federations are requesting that this class of compound be removed therefrom. Their arguments are based on the fact that GCs are in widespread use in sports medicine and have no demonstrated ergogenic activity. We will show that although their ergogenic activity may be difficult to detect, it is real and the use of corticosteroids poses a real danger to athletes' health.

      This class of product should remain on the WADA's list of banned products

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