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The Specialisation in Sport Medicine in Europe: State of the art and the Sport Medicine Specialty Training Core Curriculum in the E.U.
  1. Fabio Pigozzi (fabio.pigozzi{at}
  1. University of Rome, Italy


    In Europe, participation in physical activity has been growing among people of all ages. Thus, there is an increasing demand for care relating to ‘sports medicine’ and this has promoted the development of specialised sports physicians. Sports medicine involves a wide range of professionals with functions of taking care of active population, recreational and competitive athletes upon different aspects: curative, rehabilitative and preventive. In the light of an higher demand of expertise and sport-specific burden of knowledge, such as a further development of the phenomenon doping with all the related moral, legal and health implications, the sport physician has to deal with a complex picture. As a result, the need to provide prevention at all levels has become one of the most important objectives of sports medicine. This article aims to give a brief overview of the state of the art of this specialty in Europe and to describe definitions, scopes and educational perspectives of the Sport Medicine Specialty Training Core Curriculum to be adopted in the E.U.

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