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Practical tips for physicians prescribing physical activity programs as therapy for hypertension – a sticky matter!
  1. Garry L R Jennings*
  1. Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Australia
  1. Correspondence to: Garry L R Jennings, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, ., ., ., Australia; garry.jennings{at}


The public is informed on lifestyle from many sources. In contrast to drug therapy, consumers do not necessarily recognise their physician as being the most authoritative source of information on physical activity. While some physicians are naturally gifted in effecting behavioural change in patients, many of us are not and the track record of obtaining long term adherence to healthy lifestyle measures is not good. The media provides advice on numerous effective and ineffective lifestyle measures, much of which derives from vested interests. In this context it is not surprising that physicians have difficulty in getting patients to take up useful lifestyle measures in hypertension and that a bewildered community has decided that medical researchers cannot make their mind up on which lifestyle measures are worthwhile.

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