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Warm up: sport for all seasons, a new philosophy
  1. Michael Turner
  1. Correspondence to Dr Michael Turner, Lawn Tennis Association, 100 Priory Lane, London SW15 5JQ, UK; Michael.Turner{at}

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Not long ago, strawberries and raspberries had a limited summer season, which was eagerly anticipated and never seemed to last long enough. Salads were exclusively a feature of summer lunches (lettuces did not stay fresh in storage) and winter saw a seemingly endless supply of root vegetables (which did store well and most people hated with a passion). Now we expect to have a choice of produce that takes no account of the season and relies on our fruits and vegetables collecting more air miles than Charley Veley (reputed to be the most travelled man in the world having visited 807 of the 871 countries in the world (Observer, 28 February 2010)).

The same applies to modern professional and elite sport; what was once the off season (a time to take a holiday and relax) is now an opportunity for athletes and teams to tour abroad and to compete at the highest level. In Great Britain, all the major professional sports (soccer, tennis, horseracing, cricket and rugby) involve an 11+ month …

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