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A comparative study of flurbiprofen and aspirin in soft tissue trauma.
  1. D. S. Muckle


    A double blind study using flurbiprofen (2-(2-fluoro-4-biphenylyl propionic acid) 150 mg daily and soluble aspirin (3.6 g daily) for 5 days immediately after injury, was carried out in 52 soft tissue injuries to the lower limb in professional sportsmen. Flurbiprofen was more effective than aspirin in producing analgesia (when daily pain scores were considered) after day 2 (p less than 0.02); and flurbiprofen produced a more effective resolution of soft tissue trauma when days to training and match play were considered (p less than 0.05). The inhibitory effects of flurbiprofen on prostaglandin biosynthesis and tissue action are mentioned and the use of anti-inflammatory agents given immediately after soft tissue injuries discussed.

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