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The reproducibility of submaximal work heart rates-an interim report.
  1. K. Sykes,
  2. E. Pace,
  3. E. J. Charlesworth


    Work heart rates were taken from four subjects performing standardized bouts of work on the Monark Ergometer. Whilst a linear relationship was observed between heart rate and work intensity on any one day, it is evident that day to day variations in the position (intercept) of these lines exists. The slopes are virtually identical for all subjects and for different days, however the position of the lines differs widely both between and within subjects. The best linear regression equation developed for the prediction of heart rate after 180 seconds of work from pre-exercise heart rate and work intensity was found to have 95% confidence limits of +/- 12.7 beats. Heart rates are reproducible 95% of the time to within +/- 12.2 beats when pre-exercise heart rate is ignored.

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