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A study of the physical working capacity of Gaelic footballers and hurlers.
  1. A. W. Watson


    The possible contribution of endurance fitness to performance in the Gelic games, football and hurling, has been investigated. Two groups of 15 players were compared. The first consisted of members of teams reaching interprovincial finals and the second were similar members of comparable but less successful teams. The measurements taken were: height and weight, skinfold thicknesses on the triceps, biceps, subscapular and suprailiac sites, and the physical working capacity at a heart rate of 170 beats per minute (PWC 170). The more successful players were found to be taller and heavier and to have a higher PWC 170. There was no difference in estimated percentage of fat. The difference in PWC 170 of the two groups remained after correction for the difference in body weight. A group of seven of the players who participated in two or more finals was studied longitudinally. In six of these subjects PWC 170 was higher at the time of these matches than before or after. These findings are discussed and it is suggested that endurance fitness is a factor contributing to performance in football and hurling.

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