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Exertion injuries in adolescent athletes.
  1. S. Orava,
  2. J. Puranen


    A series of 147 cases of exertion injuries in less than or equal to 15 years old athletes is presented. All injuries occurred during training or athletic performances without trauma and caused symptoms that prevented athletic exercises. There were 67 girls (46%) and 80 boys (54%) in the material. About 90% of them had been training for more than one year before the onset of the symptoms; 65% were interested in track and field athletics, 13% in ball games, 11% in skiing, 4% in swimming, and 3% in orienteering. The rest were interested in other sports. About 33% of the injuries were growth disturbances or osteochondroses seen also in other children. About 15% were anomalies, deformities or earlier osteochondritic changes, which caused first symptoms during the physical exercise; 50% were typical overuse injuries that may bother adult athletes, too; 43% of the injuries were localized in ankle, foot and heel, 31% in knee, 8% in back and trunk, 7% in pelvic and hip region, and the rest in other parts of the body. The injuries were generally slight, no permanent disability was noticed. Rest and conservation therapy cured most cases; operative treatment was used in only eight cases.

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