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A study of potential Olympic swimmers. Part 2. Changes due to three months intensive training.
  1. D. W. Kellett,
  2. P. L. Willan,
  3. K. M. Bagnall


    Anthropometric and physiological measurements were recorded for a group of exceptional young swimmers undergoing an intensive training programme over 3 months. The observed changes are presented and are discussed in relation to the training undertaken, and are compared with expected changes due to normal growth. Some of the physiological parameters measured showed marked changes: average physical work capacity decreased significantly, while the physical fitness index improved. Many of the anthropometric changes were small, but a significant increase in lean body mass occurred in both boys and girls, and in both groups the average weight gain was greater than that expected. In individuals subjected to rigorous training significant changes in anthropometric and physiological parameters over and above the expected changes due to normal growth and development occur relatively quickly within a period of 3 months.

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