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Progressive changes in energy cost during a three-hour race-walk exercise.
  1. G. R. Farley,
  2. E. J. Hamley


    Twenty experienced race-walkers were exercised in a controlled routine walking at 11.6 km/hr continuously for 3 hr, alternately on a treadmill and a cinder track. Analyses of expired air samples taken at 30 min intervals were used to calculate average R.Q. and energy expenditure. R.Q. was found to decrease progressively from 0.92 to 0.66 in the 3 hr and remained at this level 30 min later. The mean energy cost rose from 46.2 to 55.4 kJ/min or 24.7 to 29.7 kJ/min.m2. The results indicate that this group probably experienced an elevation of aerobic activity as they utilized progressively more fat to satisfy metabolic demands and that R.Q. may be a good indicator for determining recovery after severe long duration exercise.

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