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A study of changes in the spine in weight lifters and other athletes.
  1. N. D. Aggrawal,
  2. R. Kaur,
  3. S. Kumar,
  4. D. N. Mathur


    The present study was undertaken in sportsmen of those groups of sports activities where weight training exercises constitute a major part of the training. Two groups consisting of 25 weight-lifters and 25 track and field athletes were studied to find out the effect of sports activities and lifting weights on the spine. 84% weight-lifters and 72% track and field athletes suffered from varying abnormalities. Incidence of backache in 25 weight-lifters was 40% and in 25 track and field athletes 48%. Radiological changes were more common in weight-lifters (84%) than in athletes (72%). Reduction in lumbar lordosis was found in three cases (12%) in both the groups. Obtuse angle deformity of vertebral margins was found in 11 cases (44%) amongst weight-lifters and six cases (24%) amongst athletes. Osteophytic formation was found in six cases (24%) in weight-lifters and four cases (16%) in athletes. Schmorl's node were noticed in five cases (20%) amongst weight-lifters and seven cases (28%) amongst athletes. The incidences of spondylosis and Schmorl's node were found only in those cases who had been doing weight training exercises for more than four years.

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