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Fitness test profiles and trainng intensities in skilled race-walkers.
  1. T. Reilly,
  2. J. Hopkins,
  3. N. Howlett


    A broad profile of national standard race-walkers was obtained. Subjects were taller and had more body fat than competitive runners of comparable distance as found in the literature. Pulmonary function, blood pressure and maximal heart rates were similar to normal sedentary values. The group's somatotype was 2.5 : 3 : 4, low mesomorphy being reflected in inferior strength measures. Haematological status corresponded to the runners of Brotherhood et al (1975). Predicted VO2 max (x = 70 ml kg min-1) was not related to performance. Time to exhaustion on a treadmill test correlated with 20 km race time (R = -.94; p less than .001). Multiple regression equations derived to predict race performance from combinations of 4 to 6 personality traits were non-significant. Mean heart rate in typical training regimes was 167 beats min-1 for interval training at 13 kmh-1 on the track and 134 beats min-1 over a 2.1 h road walk at 10.3 kmh-1. Physiological strain was greater in uphill than in level or downhill walking (P less than .001).

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