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Aerobic work capacity in young sedentary men and active athletes in India
  1. S. K. Verma,
  2. L. S. Sidhu,
  3. D. K. Kansal


    Maximal oxygen uptake (V̇O2 max) was determined in 40 sedentary men aged 17-25 years and in 96 active athletes of the same age participating in 5 different kinds of sport. The V̇O2 max in the sedentary group was found to be 36.8 ± 4.0 (SD) min-1. The results in the sedentary group were found to be lower than those recorded on inactive populations in other countries by 12-35%, possibly due to the low participation rate in sport among Indians. The mean V̇O2 max in 96 active athletes was 48.4 ± 5.1 min-1 which is slightly low as compared to V̇O2 max values recorded in active populations in other countries. The difference in the mean V̇O2 max of sedentary group and that of the active one was found to be statistically significant. The highest mean V̇O2 max was recorded in the group of long distance runners (56.4 min-1) while lowest mean V̇O2 max values were recorded in the group of football players 44.2 + 2.1 min-1).

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