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Some physical efficiency tests on Bengalese football goalkeepers.
  1. A. K. De


    Simple anthropometric measurements and physical efficiency tests were conducted on 21 Football Goalkeepers from West Bengal, India. The age of the subjects varied between 18--24 years (av. 21.1). The Vital Capacity (total ml/cm of height, L/m2 of surface area) and the Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (total, L/cm of height, L/kg of body weight, L/m2 of surface area, L/age) were noted to be higher in the subjects of the present study than those reported for average healthy Indian population, but lower than values from top Indian athletes. The values of grip strength observed in this study could not be compared because of unavailability of Indian norms. The higher values of physical efficiency tests observed in these subjects in comparison to those of average Indian populations were probably due to training effects.

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