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Age of menarche in various categories of Indian sportswomen.
  1. L. S. Sidhu,
  2. R. Grewal


    Data on the age of menarche has been collected on 264 Indian sportswomen, and 108 girls forming the control group, all hailing from the Punjab, Haryana, chandigarh and Delhi. Outstanding athletes and players of hockey, basketball and volleyball were included. The combined mean age at menarche for sportswomen is 15.21 years and for the control sample is 14.05 years. The differences in the two series are statistically significant. The mean age at menarche in hockey, basketball, volleyball and athletes is found to be 15.15, 15.40, 15.05 and 15.27 years respectively. The differences in these groups, however, are not found to be statistically significant.

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