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Common injuries among Nigerian games players
  1. D. N. Mathur,
  2. S. O. Salokun,
  3. D. P. Uyanga


    The study investigated the common types and sites of injuries which were sustained by male soccer, basketball and field hockey players during a period of 8 weeks of intensive training and competition. In all, 170 soccer players, 127 basketball players and 212 hockey players drawn from various clubs in Nigeria formed the subjects of the study, a total of 509 patients.

    Questionnaires on the prospective injury experience were handed over to the club members. A total of 630, 308 and 641 injuries were recorded in soccer, basketball and hockey respectively. In soccer the common injuries were sprains and strains (45.6%), bruises and cuts (27.0%) and concussion (15.2%). The lower limb had the highest number of injuries (49.1%).

    In basketball common injuries were sprains and strains (41.5%), bruises and cuts (26.7%) and swelling and blisters (22.1%). The most common site of injury was the upper limb which sustained 45.8% of the injuries.

    The common injuries in hockey were bruises and cuts (50.8%), swelling and blisters (21.5%) and sprains and strains (20.2%). The lower limb sustained the highest number of injuries (57.5%).

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