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A simple device for measuring anaerobic power
  1. D. K. Kansal,
  2. S. K. Verma,
  3. L. S. Sidhu


    Having no funds to purchase sophisticated equipment to measure human anaerobic power, a simple cheaply made device was constructed based on the principle of the method introduced by Margaria et al (1966). This improvised apparatus consists of two contact pads each having a make and break provision of an electrical circuit with the help of leaf springs and can be used to measure human vertical velocity and anaerobic power. Details of the device are described and illustrated, and the results presented from a test of anaerobic power on 92 men and women athletes at national level in different sports. These results have been compared with the corresponding results available in the literature.

    • Anaerobic power
    • vertical velocity
    • improvised device
    • athlete

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