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A nutritional study of Irish athletes
  1. A. Barry,
  2. T. Cantwell,
  3. F. Doherty,
  4. Jean C. Folan,
  5. M. Ingoldsby,
  6. J. P. Kevany,
  7. J. D. O'Broin,
  8. H. O'Connor,
  9. B. O'Shea,
  10. B. A. Ryan,
  11. J. Vaughan


    The aims of this study were (1) to carry out a nutritional assessment of selected Irish athletes and (2) to provide individual results and specific advice to each athlete on how to achieve an optimum diet.

    Dietary intakes were measured by a three-day weighed dietary record technique designed to evaluate each athlete's usual eating habits. The results were evaluated against a set of dietary standards in order to determine adequacy.

    Nutritional status was also assessed in a limited form by selected anthropometric and biochemical measurements.

    A total of 148 subjects took part in the assessment which began in May, 1979 and continued until April, 1980. The sports involved included: canoeing, cycling, rowing, swimming, hockey, squash and track and field events.

    The results indicated a range of sub-optimal dietary patterns relating in particular to abnormal intakes of folate, iron, pyridoxine and calcium. The significance and applications of these findings are discussed.

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