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Tennis elbow: incidence in local league players.
  1. R. Carroll


    Seventy-four local league players were surveyed through a questionnaire and interview to establish the incidence of tennis elbow, the perceived causes, preventive measures taken and their perceived effectiveness. Of these 35% suffered from tennis elbow, 77% of those critically. The tennis racquet used, technique and timing and the condition of the court were perceived as the main causes, whilst playing tennis frequently was seen as the main contributory factor. The effectiveness of both medical treatment and non-medical measures are noted, but only 5 cases of complete recovery from the injury are reported. Medical help was not sought in almost 50% of the cases, and lack of faith in the GP's interest or advice was noted. Information about tennis elbow did not appear to be easily accessible. More sports injury clinics and wider dissemination of information are suggested. The American research is reviewed.

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