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University of Manchester sports injury clinic.
  1. C. S. Galasko,
  2. T. J. Menon,
  3. G. J. Lemon,
  4. A. J. Banks,
  5. M. A. Morris,
  6. M. S. Bourne,
  7. S. Bentley


    This paper reviews the work of the sports injury clinic based at the Student Health Centre, University of Manchester during its first eighteen months. A total of 852 patients including 46 Centre of Excellence athletes were treated. The results indicate that the establishment of such a specialised clinic is worthwhile, that the injured sportsmen should be treated by individuals trained and interested in the treatment of injured patients in general and that the commonest injuries are soft tissue injuries to the knee of ankle joint. A record card, designed for future computer analysis, is illustrated. It includes details of the sport, training, mechanism of injury, pathology and treatment.

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