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An aetiological study on spondylolysis from a biomechanical aspect.
  1. N. Ichikawa,
  2. Y. Ohara,
  3. T. Morishita,
  4. Y. Taniguichi,
  5. A. Koshikawa,
  6. N. Matsukura


    The authors report clinical studies on lumbar disorders (clinical symptoms, X-ray findings) in athletes in various sports. The sport items were divided into three groups according to the main dynamic load applied to the lumbar region. As a result, over 60% of the athletes suffered from "lumbago", and among them spondylolysis reached the high rate of 27%. Arising from these clinical observations, we performed biomechanical laboratory analyses on human cadaver material, axial compression and rotational bending. Our results suggest that the incidence of spondylolysis depends upon the extent and direction of the loads.

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