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Maximal aerobic power measurement in runners and swimmers.
  1. I. Corry,
  2. N. Powers


    Five cross-country runners and five competitive swimmers performed a pulling exercise with elastic shock cords and a treadmill run to exhaustion. The mean VO2 max related to lean body mass of the runners was significantly higher than the swimmers on the treadmill (p less than 0.05) while, on the pulling test, the mean VO2 max of the swimmers was significantly higher than the runners (p less 0.01). The maximum heart rates achieved pulling were 95% of the running maximum by runners and 96% by swimmers with no significant difference between them. Their mean oxygen pulse was almost the same for maximal running but the swimmers had a significantly higher oxygen pulse than the runners for maximal pulling (p less than 0.01). The swimmers could reach about 79% of their running VO2 max by pulling while the runners used 53% of their running VO2 max.

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