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Maximal anaerobic power in Indian national hockey players.
  1. J. L. Bhanot,
  2. L. S. Sidhu


    Anaerobic power in relation to field position of 90 Indian hockey players has been studied. These players included 10 goalkeepers, 16 backs, 20 half-backs and 44 forwards. The goalkeepers possess maximum and forwards possess minimum anaerobic power while in vertical velocity, the former are the fastest and the latter are the slowest. In body weight the backs are heaviest followed by half-backs, goalkeepers and forwards. Among backs, the lefts are heavier, faster and have more anaerobic power than rights. In half-line players, the centre-half-backs are followed by left-half-backs and right-half-backs both in body weight and anaerobic power, while in vertical velocity, the left-half-backs are the fastest and centre-half-backs are the slowest. Among forwards, the centre-forwards are heaviest with maximum anaerobic power and are followed by inside-forwards and outside-forwards, whereas, in vertical velocity the inside-forwards are fastest followed by centre-forwards and outside-forwards.

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