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Sulindac versus ibuprofen in sprains and strains.
  1. T. B. Hayes,
  2. A. Fyvie,
  3. P. G. Janke,
  4. M. J. Vandenburg,
  5. W. J. Currie


    In a double-blind parallel group randomised study 191 patients with acute sprains and strains of ankle, hip, shoulder or knees were treated with either 400 mg sulindac or 1200 mg ibuprofen per day for 4 days; of these, 176 completed the trial. Spontaneous pain (day and night), pain on active movement, swelling and tenderness were assessed before and after the treatment period along with a physician's and patient's assessment of therapy at the end of the study. The vast majority of patients had a successful outcome whichever treatment they were taking. No patients reported any adverse effect during the study.

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