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Ruptured fibular ankle ligament: plaster or Pliton brace?
  1. R. Cetti,
  2. S. E. Christensen,
  3. M. T. Corfitzen


    A prospective randomised study was performed in order to compare plaster cast with Pliton-80 cast brace with a mobile plastic shoe insert in the treatment of ruptured fibular ankle ligaments. The two treatment groups consisted of 65 patients in each and all were participating in the follow-up sixth months after the accident. There were no statistically significant differences in the overall results between the two treatment groups. Because 1) the mobile Pliton-80 bandage subjectively is more acceptable to the patients and -2) the disability time in the Pliton-80 group was considerably shorter than in the plaster group--it was concluded that the mobile Pliton-80 bandage can be recommended as the treatment of ruptures of the fibular ankle ligaments.

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