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Naproxen sodium and piroxicam in acute musculo-skeletal disorders.
  1. T. A. Bouchier-Hayes


    Of one hundred patients originally entered for this trial eighty-three with acute musculo-skeletal disorders were treated with either naproxen sodium (SYNFLEX, Syntex), 550 mg initially followed by 275 mg four times daily, or piroxicam (FELDENE, Pfizer), 20 mg twice daily for two days then 20 mg once daily. Patients were assessed at admission, on day 4 and on day 8. Pain on passive movement, tenderness, swelling and limitation of function were evaluated and patients also completed a daily self-assessment form. Pain relief was recorded by the patient for 4 hours following the first dose. No statistically significant differences were detected between the treatment groups for any of the efficacy measurements. Of the eighty-three patients analysed, twenty-four patients withdrew from treatment twenty of whom did not need further analgesia (13 in the naproxen sodium group and 7 in the piroxicam group). Three patients experienced side-effects; all were in the piroxicam group, and one patient withdrew from the study because of epigastric pain. Both naproxen sodium and piroxicam proved effective in the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders. Naproxen sodium did not give rise to any side-effects.

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