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Acute sports injuries in Oslo: a one-year study.
  1. S. Maehlum,
  2. O. A. Daljord


    All sport injuries treated at the Emergency Department, Ullevål Hospital in Oslo (OKL) were registered for one year. They accounted for 6.3% of the total number of patients treated at OKL in that period. 4673 patients were seen; 3292 males and 1381 females. The women were younger than the men, 55% were below 20 years of age; 41% of the males (p less than 0.05). Most of the men (64%) were injured in connection with competitive sports, but 52% of the women sustained their injury pursuing recreational sports. Football and skiing accounted for 49% of the total number of injuries. In males football caused most injuries--35%. In females handball accounted for most injuries--18%. Nearly 3/4 of the injuries affected the extremities; the most common injury being the ankle sprain (16%). Almost 1/4 of the patients had a fracture, and 218 patients (4.7%) were admitted to hospital, the rest being treated as outpatients. In all, the sports injuries required 7658 consultations.

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