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Orofacial injuries and mouthguards: a study of the 1984 Wallabies.
  1. P J Chapman


    As mouthguards provide protection of the teeth, jaws, adjacent soft tissues and also protect the brain against concussion following impacts to the mandible, the use of mouthguards in contact sports is strongly recommended. It is therefore essential to gauge regularly the use of mouthguards in the various contact sports at all levels of competition. Of the 30 members of the 1984 Australian Rugby Union Touring Team (the Wallabies), 80% wore mouthguards and of these, 75% believed that wearing mouthguards should be made compulsory for Rugby players. A comparison of these and other findings is made with previous studies in Rugby, and also with a similar study of the 1984 Great Britain Rugby League Touring Team.

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