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Seasonal changes in body composition in Australian Rules footballers.
  1. L M Burke,
  2. R A Gollan,
  3. R S Read


    Anthropometric measurements were collected from a group of Australian Rules footballers at the start and end of the competitive season. Eighty-nine players were studied, drawn from a top level professional league team, a second level association team and an A-grade amateur association team. Changes in the physical profile of these players during the season were observed. A small but significant gain in fat-free body mass in the top level players was observed (0.9 kg, p less than 0.01), but no change in body fat. The intermediate level players showed no significant change in body mass and a tendency toward a slight loss in body fat, while the lower level players showed a significant loss in body fat during the season (1.8 kg, p less than 0.001) without significant change in fat-free body mass.

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