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Equestrian injuries: a comparison of professional and amateur injuries in Berkshire.
  1. M R Whitlock,
  2. J Whitlock,
  3. B Johnston


    A retrospective study of horse riding injuries in Berkshire was undertaken over a one year period from November 1983. The information was obtained from the Ambulance Service, the Jockey Club and the St. John Ambulance Brigade. There was a total of 103 injured persons with no deaths. Information from the Jockey Club was compared with the other two groups, the former sustaining more limb injuries and the latter more head injuries. A questionnaire was sent to all 42 ambulance patients. Thirty-eight had radiographs taken, 16 of which showed a fracture. Forty-one were wearing some form of hard hat, but if a safety strap was available it was attached in 24 cases. The dangers of riding are highlighted and the importance of adequate protective clothing emphasised.

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