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Inexpensive probes for the determination of body temperature.
  1. C J Gore,
  2. R T Withers,
  3. G F Woods,
  4. L Day
  1. School of Education, Flinders University of South Australia.


    Two-terminal integrated circuit temperature transducers (Analog Devices' AD 590) were used to fabricate skin and rectal probes for the monitoring of mean body temperature. They are inexpensive, robust, easily constructed and of low mass. The skin sensor system described is capable of being solidly attached regardless of the body contour such that it remains integral throughout profuse sweating and vigorous movement. Both types of probe are stable, accurate to within +/- 0.05 degree C over the physiological range of measurement and exhibit 100% response times of approximately 60 s to a square wave stimulus of 10 degrees C.

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