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Ultrasound diagnosis of Achilles tendon pathology in runners.
  1. N Maffulli,
  2. R Regine,
  3. M Angelillo,
  4. G Capasso,
  5. S Filice
  1. Second Medical School, First Institute of Radiology, Italy.


    The great upsurge in popularity of running activities has increased the number of athletes presenting with pathology of the Achilles tendon. A clinical and ultrasonic study was performed on 47 middle and long distance runners referred to the Authors with such problems. The results of this study can be grouped as follows: 1. paratendonitis: enlargement of the antero-posterior diameter of the tendon, and hyperechogenicity of Kager's triangle; 2. tendonitis (with or without paratendonitis): thickening of the tendon, with the presence of degenerative nodules; 3. enthesopathy: thickening of the distal part of the tendon, enlargement of the hypoechogenic area behind the tendon itself and microcalcification.

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